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A Differentiated Leader in Oil & Gas

Tri-Point is an oil and gas production and processing equipment provider that specializes in supplying turn-key facility solutions to upstream and midstream customers. Our unique integrated system design and approach delivers quality, complementary products and services from the wellhead to the pipeline.

Integrated System Approach

Tri-Point helps customers maximize efficiency for the life of the well, providing services from engineering to installation, start-up and field maintenance. Our Tri-Point Modular Production System (MPS) is designed to accommodate single to multi well layouts, by offering plug and play capability to provide customers with the flexibility needed for the life of the well.

New Flare Technology

Tri-Point has developed new flare technology to achieve smokeless operation and compliance to Quad-O and 40 CFR 60.18 EPA regulations. The Tri-Point High Turn Down Ratio Flare (HTDR-Flare) utilizes a proprietary tip design, to ensure there are no visible smoke emissions across the full operational range, from just a few ounces of pressure to in excess of 30 psig.


Tri-Point's senior management team has a proven track record with the years of experience and results to deliver for our customers, investors and employees. Meet the members of our corporate management team.

Products & Services

We provide custom engineered products and services from the wellhead to the pipeline to customers in some of the most prolific shale plays in North America. Learn more about our product line and services.

Tri-Point Locations

Tri-Point's manufacturing, supply and service facilities are strategically located throughout the U.S. to meet our upstream and midstream customers' needs in all the major onshore basins. Check out our growing national footprint and contact us to learn more.