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Tri-Point Flare Stacks

Elevated flares combust excess, high-pressure, sales gas at well sites where infrastructure to commercialize such gas does not exist.


Tri-Point is fast becoming the go to source for elevated production flares. Our standard stack stands 25' tall and is built from 4" piping. It features a 8" liquid knockout in the base of the stack and comes ready to be guyed on location. We offer three levels of control on our flare and each is interchangeable if an upgrade is ever needed.


EPA requirement 40 CFR 60.18 sets high standards for safety and environmental friendliness and our flares are designed to comply with these standards. With a very competitive price and delivery within a week, our flares will meet your demand and exceed your expectations.

  • 4' A-36 Carbon Steel Wind Shroud
  • Pilot Gas - 4-10scfh at 10 psig
  • Volume: 2.5 - 3 MMscfd at .28 Mach No.
  • Retractable Igniter/ Pilot System
  • 8" Liquid Knockout
  • 4" 150# RF Flare Gas Inlet
  • 1" NPT Drain
  • 2" NPT High Level Shutdown
  • Models available compliant with EPA NSPS 40 CFR Part 60
  • Winch down system providing easy maintenance
  • Stainless steel head providing higher heat resistance and longer product life
  • Elevated Flare Models