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Tri-Point Free Water Knockouts (FWKO)

Tri-Point Manufactures Free Water knockouts in a variety of sizes up to 10'x 30' and pressures to 250 psi. Our dedication to quality in manufacturing continues here with the use A-36 steel and full penetration on all butt welds.


We utilize a bucket and weir design in our free water knockouts. This design eliminates the need for a liquid interface controller. Both the oil and water flow over weirs where level control is accomplished by a simple displacer float. The oil overflows the oil weir into an oil bucket where its level is controlled by a level controller that operates the oil dump valve. The water flows under the oil bucket and then over a water weir. The level downstream of this weir is controlled by a level controller that operates the water dump valve.


The height of the oil weir controls the liquid level in the vessel. The difference in height of the oil and water weirs controls the thickness of the oil pad due to specific gravity differences. It is critical to the operation of the vessel that the water weir height be sufficiently below the oil weir height so that the oil pad thickness provides sufficient oil retention time.