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Tri-Point Field Services

Providing life-of-field support

As an industry leading manufacturer, Tri-Point recognizes that effective management of oil and gas equipment over all stages of field life, while maximizing the asset value, can be a complex affair. Tri-Point’s Field Services offer a local, turnkey solution to our customers' operations that ensure all phases of development are supported with experienced technicians and optimized with OEM products.


Our proactive approach to field service includes all phases of production facility development, including: Field Planning and Design, Construction Services, Testing Services, Training Services, Maintenance and Repair. Each of our Aftermarket Service Facilities are equipped with the right personnel, tools and heavy equipment to ensure every job is executed at the highest quality standard.


Offering turn key facility construction services including but not limited to:

  • Equipment Expediting and Delivery
  • Fully Equipped Service Trucks and Cranes
  • Turn-Key Equipment Rental Services
  • On-site Equipment Installation and Hook-Up
  • Equipment Commissioning and Start Up
  • 6G certified welders managed by senior CWI staff
  • Materials Management
  • Sandblasting, Painting, Insulating & Special Coating


Our expert testing technicians test a wide range of materials and systems to ensure your equipment is calibrated and ready to produce. Testing services include:

  • Field Executed Non-Destructive Weld Testing
  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • Instrumentation and Controls Testing and Calibration
  • Equipment Function Testing and Troubleshooting
  • Leak Detection Services
  • 3rd Party Emissions Testing


Tri-Point helps customers maximize efficiency for the life of the well by providing 24/7 on call and scheduled preventative field maintenance.

  • Experienced Trained Field Technicians
  • Fully Equipped Service Trucks and Cranes
  • Responsive OnSite Emergency Equipment Repair Services
  • Equipment Function Testing and Troubleshooting
  • Maintenance and Remaining Lifetime Assessment Consulting
  • Production Equipment Preventative Maintenance Programs
  • Valve, PSV and Instrumentation Maintenance and Repair
  • Gas Dehydration System Maintenance and Cleaning Programs
  • Flare and Combustor Maintenance and Cleaning Services
  • Burner Management Control Services
  • Firetube Replacement and Repair
  • Anode Replacement
  • Roustabout Services
  • General Onsite Technical Assistance
  • Warranty Repair


Tri-Point provides comprehensive oil and gas production equipment training through onsite, hands-on instruction and within a classroom setting.

We offer applicable skills and knowledge to ensure our customers operate their facilities to the most efficient and effective manner possible.

  • Onsite hands-on Equipment Start-Up Training
  • Introductory Operation and Functionality Training
  • Technical Classroom Equipment Training
  • Production and Process Equipment Training
  • Instrumentation Control and Measurement Equipment Training