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What is a Modular Production System?

The Modular Production System (MPS) is an integrated field facility installed between the well and the pipeline for oil and gas processing applications. Composed of standardized skids that house the process equipment, piping, instrumentation and electrical, the MPS accommodates the separation, measurement, storage and transfer for single to multiple well arrangements.

Key Differentiators

Controlled Manufacturing: Skids are pre-fabricated in controlled, regional manufacturing locations offsite.


Portable Design: Easy to transport to site and quickly install with an optimized small footprint.


Differentiated Development: MPS is an alternative to traditional stick-built construction which expedites production.


Accessible Layout: "Engineered-to-Order," turnkey and optimized systems that are designed with system connections and component accessibility.

Benefits of Utilizing MPS Facilities

Tri-Point's MPS facilities help customers:

Optimize Facility Layout

  • Standardized, portable design with a small footprint and straight-forward accessibility
  • Available to accommodate single or multiple well layouts

Reduce Installation Time

  • Project scheduling improvements - system built ahead of time, inventoried and delivered when needed
  • No more managing multiple field crews and waiting on weather delays
  • MPS installation takes hours, not weeks
  • Reduces cycle time from well completion to facility production (first oil)

Benefits from Plug & Play Capability

  • Process connections are arranged in one area of each skid, allowing installtion to be quick and easy
  • Alignment plates on each skid ensure the piping bolt-up is perfectly aligned
  • Allows easy swapping of separation equipment as wells are added or flow conditions reduce
  • Increases quality and safety with turnkey solution
  • Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) completed before modular skids are shipped to site and installed
  • Guaranteed quality through our standardized processes of ASME code manufacturing facility
  • Reduces environmental risks from fabricating onsite
  • Limits your field safety exposure by fabricating in Tri-Point facility

Generates Capital Expenditure Savings

  • Modular skids on average cost less to design, fabricate and install when compared to a traditional facility
  • Plug & Play capability is designed to provide flexibility throughout the life of the system
  • Modular application allows operation to get to production quicker and improve ROI