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Tri-Point Enclosed Combustors

The Tri-Point Enclosed Vapor Combustors are an effective, efficient and economical alternative to achieving compliance with Quad-O EPA regulations. As an industry flare/combustor leader, Tri-Point offers more Quad-O EPA listed compliant combustors models than any other company. Our combustors are designed to destruct VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) and other vapors produced from oil storage vessels. The low pressure, high efficiency burner assemblies in the Tri-Point model line destruct tank vapors at a >95.0% rate, while allowing continuous depressurization of storage vessels.


The EPA NSPS Quad-O legislation – 40 CRF 60 Subpart OOOO – states that as of April 2014, all oil storage tanks on wellsite facility start ups must have a control device, an enclosed combustor or a vapor recovery device, if they emit, or are expected to emit, more than 6 tons of VOC emissions per year. This control device must reduce and destroy the site’s VOC emissions by 95 percent.


Each Tri-Point combustor model has been approved as compliant with the EPA Quad-O regulation or is currently under review for approval.

  • 5 Tri-Point combustor models are Quad-O compliant
  • 3 Tri-Point combustor models are under review with the EPA for Quad-O compliance


  • Flame Arrestor available on some models for increased safety
  • Adjustable primary air venturi burner orifices
  • Burner Management and Ignition Systems


  • Dual Stage Models available
  • Knockout Pots for Upstream Liquid Separation
  • Multiple Paint Colors available
  • Start Up and Commissioning Services
  • Preventative Maintenance Services
  • After Market Spare Parts
  • Skid or Concrete Pad Foundations available
  • Low Profile “Short” Models available


  • High Turn Down Ratio of greater than 10:1 to continually match load requirements, reduce on-and-off cycling and ensure a smokeless operation
  • Combustion capacity up to 300 MSCFD
  • Greater than 95.0% destruction efficiency
  • Stainless steel burner nozzles and ceramic fiber insulated stack increase product life and durability


  • Oil and Condensate Storage and Loading Facilities
  • Portable Separators
  • Glycol Dehydrators
  • Oil Tank Storage Farms
  • Compressor Stations
  • Truck and Rail Car Loading Stations
  • Landfills
  • Any Low Pressure Gas Source