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Two, Three & Four Phase Production Separators

Tri-Point Separation Packages

Separation is the cornerstone to upstream processing.  Production Separators remove solids, isolate/ collect water and oil while breaking out natural gas vapors.  The gas-liquid separation parameters of every well application will vary, so to ensure site specific functionality Tri-Points offers separators in numerous configurations, designs, sizes and pressure ratings.


Tri-Point’s portfolio of Two, Three and Four Phase Production Separators are engineered to solve a broad array of operating/producing challenges across multiple geographic regions.


Two and Three Phase Separators remove and collect liquids from natural gas.  In addition, Four Phase Separators segregate solids from the production stream.  Each of Tri-Point’s Separators are available in horizontal and vertical applications. Vertical separators are best when there are space constraints at the production facility. Horizontal separators are ideal when large amounts of liquids are required to be processed.  

Tri-Point ASME Code Separators are designed to provide maximum returns on investment, while ensuring outstanding reliability and performance.


We also manufacture custom Non-Code Separators that are held to Tri-Point’s superb quality assurance program.  A Non-code application ensures best value to meet production requirements while reducing capital expense.


We work closely with our customers and take time to appreciate the production goals for every application, ensuring the best solution.  Let Tri-Point design and manufacture your Production Separator today!