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Tri-Point Slug Catchers

Different operations and applications produce conditions where gas and liquid are not evenly distributed through the pipeline.  This unequal distribution can travel as large "slugs" with mostly liquids or mostly gases through a section of the pipeline.   This is especially common during pigging operations.


Tri-Point Slug Catchers are used to collect the liquid slugs that have settled in the production lines which can overload the gas/liquid handling capacity of the facility.  Slug Catchers help protect process equipment from sudden large bursts of liquids entering your gas stream.   Typically installed downstream of pipeline and pigging operations where large volumes of liquid can collect in the pipeline and are pushed through in a short time.


Tri-Point uses ProMax process simulation as well as in house custom design software to engineer and manufacture industry leading Midstream and transmission equipment. 


We manufacture Large vessel and "Harp" or "Finger" type Slug Catchers.