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Tri-Point Supply Stores

Customer Service Focused | Economical Quality Products

As an industry-leading manufacturer, Tri-Point recognizes that effective management of oil and gas equipment over all stages of field life, while maximizing asset value, can be a complex affair.


Tri-Point’s Supply Stores are focused on customer service, offering economical and dependable products. Our team, vendors and
products proudly maintain the rigorous standards we’ve put in place to ensure the best quality. Our unbeatable customer service will
increase your uptime operating efficiency and reduce your operational expense.


Tri-Point Supply stores carry a full line of pipe, valves, flanges, fittings, HSE/safety equipment, hand tools and more.


• Ball Valves
• Check Valves
• Needle Valves
• Chokes
• Gate Valves
• Globe Valves
• Butterfly Valves
• Plug Valves
• Quarter-Turn Valves
• Kimray Valves & Instrumentation
• Relief Valves


• Stainless Steel Fittings: STD and XH
• Threaded C/S Fittings: STD, XH & XXH
• Weld Fittings
• Plastic Coated Fittings & Nipples
• Flange, Gaskets, Studs & Nuts
• Bull Plugs: STD, XH & XXH (Coated or Bare)
• Swages
• Fiberglass Fittings
• Hammer Unions
• Grooved Fittings


• Schedule 10 to 160
• Internally Coated Pipe / Fusion Bonded Epoxy
• Fiberglass Pipe
• HDPE Polyethylene Pipe


Tri-Point’s Project Trailers and Sea Containers allow you to reduce the cost of your on-site construction by eliminating trips to the supply store. Our 20-foot sea containers are outfitted with shelving and stocked with the necessary supplies to finish your wellsite facility hook-up. All trailers are ready to be delivered to your location and come free of rental and delivey fees. You only pay for the supplies you use. As supplies are diminished throughout your project, we will deliver additional supplies to ensure you always have what you need to finish the job. When the project is complete, the trailer will be picked up at no cost.


  • Eliminate multiple trips to the supply store
  • No rental fees
  • No mobilization or demobilization fees
  • You only pay for the products used
  • Optional project trailers for smaller jobs are also available