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Tri-Point Vapor Recovery Towers (VRT)

A Vapor Recovery Tower is a tall pressure vessel installed between the production separator and oil storage tanks. VRTs are a source for vapor recovery at near atmospheric pressure that simulates working, breathing, and flash losses that storage tanks would normally cause.  VRT’s capture and significantly reduce storage tank VOC emissions, helping facilities meet the Quad O regulations.


There are several benefits to utilizing a VRT, such as having less back pressure on your tanks  . VRTs keep air and oxygen out of gas pipelines by appropriating the vapors in the tower and eliminating the vapor containment potential common to atmospheric tanks.


Vapor Recovery Towers serve as the last designated pressure vessel to collect vapors from produced liquids to later be recovered and discharged into a sales line by a vapor recovery unit. VRTs insulate the VRU from vapor pressure surges and is more tolerant to higher and lower pressures.